Wylde Swan

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Built and launched in Germany in 1920, this steamship was an important part of the German herring fishing fleet. She was used to bring the fresh fish to market as quickly as possible to gain a competitive advantage
Launched under the name of Jemo2, the steamship changed names and owners many times, before the Norwegian Navy acquired her in 1945
After a long period of disuse, in 2007 the transformation of the 100 year old ship into a modern sailing ship began.
In 2010, the Wylde Swan was launched as a stunning sailing ship for training young people at sea.
The Wylde Swan is now the largest and fastest topsail schooner in the world with her slender hull and spectacular sails evoking the beauty of the early 20th century yachts.
Those who come on board will have an unforgettable experience and the journey of a lifetime
Tickets are non returnable and non refundable

Prices : 
Adult : 32€/ personne
Children de 3 à 16 ans : 16€/ personne
Family pack (2 adults - 2 children): 80€

Please make sure to be in front of the tallship 15 minutes before boarding, quai Gambetta.


Quai Gambetta
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 50.72643
Longitude : 1.59982